I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer. Photography is my main hobby. I carry my my camera pretty much everywhere I go, because you never know what you might see and what to photograph. That would also explain why I have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos still to organize and upload to Flickr.

I take photos for three reasons: 1) It’s fun and I enjoy taking photos, 2) To document life as I see it, and 3) Because it’s a hobby and it’s fun.

My photos have thus been used in a few places:

Photos from Glasgow University

My main photo project is called Photos from Glasgow University. It’s a daily photo blog about life as a student at the fourth oldest University in the English-speaking world, where I’m currently enrolled as an undergraduate. I post one photo per day of the events, buildings, secrets and miscellaneous wonderful things I encounter around campus during my time here. The photo blog can be found at

The Photos

You can view all my photos on Flickr at I’ve organized them into a number of different sets, depending on when, where and how they were taken. I will occasionally post a photo or a bunch of photos on my blog. In addition, I’ll be making a page for the website with links to various genres of photos. Watch this space.

Terms of Usage

I’ve detailed my (negotiable) terms of usage on another page, viewable here. Please refer to them if you wish to use any of my photos. And, just to be clear, if you use one of my photos without permission and/or without due credit, I will unleash my army of zombie ninjas to hunt you down and tickle you until you pee yourself. Or worse. You have been warned. The terms can be found here.

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