Contact Me

If there’s any reason you would have a reason to contact me, be it photo permissions or other pleasantries, the easiest way of going about that is the contact form below.

To save you some time, I’ve listed a few answers to questions you may be thinking about asking me:

  • If I don’t know you personally, I’m not going to add you as a friend on Facebook.
  • If you’re asking for permission to use one of my photos for something, I’ve detailed my relatively lenient “terms” on the Photography page. Please refer to them first. (I rarely say no.)
  • I’m not going to do your homework for you, or write your essay for you. Your teachers can tell if it’s not your own work.
  • I prefer to take pictures of inanimate objects, not people. See below.
  • I am not available to hire as a photographer for weddings, puppy christenings, birthday parties or so on. Unless you’re my friend. Even then only maybe. See above.
  • I don’t speak Russian, stop leaving spam comments on my posts in Russian. I’ve used Google Translate to see what they say, and it’s always spam. I will ignore foreign language comments or contact messages. English and Finnish only.
  • I am not interested in having $25,000,000 deposited on my account for a short while and then be awarded a fraction of the sum for my troubles, money which was left unclaimed in a bank vault in Nigeria after my distant relative or someone with my last name died in a horrific car crash or when the Concorde went down in France. I have no relatives in Africa, nor is it at all likely that there is someone in Africa with my last name.
  • I don’t usually take photo requests, unless it is of interest to myself too. For example, I’m not going to travel somewhere and take a picture of a house you lived in 45 years ago. Check Google Street View for that.
  • I’m not interested in purchasing pills online for penis enhancement or viagra, nor do I want to play online poker, nor am I interested in checking out your “sexi” profile/photos or dating site.

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